Wanted: People to Interview or more

This is not a sexual video. I am looking to make something documentary style but also a narrative at times. Im looking for volunteers that I can either follow in a life situation or that want to be interviewed or that just have a message they want heard. We can meet in a public place and you are welcome to bring a friend or 2 along if it makes you feel more comfortable.  If you want to take a video of yourself and send it to me that would be cool too seeing how i cant really meet up with anyone who is not somewhat in the area.  I really don’t have a preference on what it is at this point. I have some general directions i want to take this but I’m looking to get inspired by what people have to say or by what they do.
If you are at all interested get ahold of me on here or facebook (my name is Karl Eddy). 

Im from the Joliet Area of Illinois

watch 1 - 4 its pretty intense 

Can’t get enough of this

Are there any bands/people who would be interested in playing/coming to some all ages alcohol and drug free shows in Illinois? I’m trying to find venues to put shows like this on so bands can play to a crowd that gets out of their seat for something other than their next beer. Im also looking for people who have natural energy left inside them who just want to come out and get the aggression out in the pit. If anyone is interested in this kind of thing/ wants to get involved like this message me (on the Zero Proof facebook page) if you have any leads for me. You don’t have to be strait edge (I’m not) but edge people are more than welcome to come out and play these shows. We are only looking for punk and hardcore bands at this time! Zero Proof Collective

I have these brief moments when i feel like a person again, but sadly the panic rushes back over me and i am rendered useless mentally once again. The past 3 months have been a test. I hope i can catch my breath soon and enjoy existing again.